Thursday, April 26, 2012

Forecast is calling for wind

Lately, the forecast has called for wind and wind is what we got. Although it can be bit irritating to have such windy days one right after another, with messy hair days and attempting to walk across a parking lot without being blown away, this may not be the least of our worries. Wind at times can cause quite a bit of damage to our roofs as well as our homes.

Wind is just air that is moving from an area of high pressured air to an area of low pressured air, but don't underestimate it. The bigger the difference between the areas, the higher the speed of the wind. Wind loves to stick close to a surface and when there is a sudden drop or change in the surface, the air flow gets disrupted creating a vacuum. When there is an uplift in the wind current which creates this vacuum, it can take everything that will move with it. Even if there isn't a vacuum that is created, the wind more than doubles its speed on the roof compared to the side of our homes, which can create loose shingles, or other damages.

Anything is possible and it's important to make sure our roofs are well maintained and well intact. Any doubts, have our inspector inspect your roof.

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